Work by Wind series introduces companies working in wind industry

Company name: Falck Renewables

Year established: The company was established in 1906, and soon became a leading producer of steel. In the 1990s the group gradually shifted its business strategy towards energy production and in the beginning of the 21st century decided to focus on renewable energy. The company changed its name to Falck Renewables in 2010.

Field of activity within wind: We are a global player in the field of renewable energies (wind, solar). We develop, design, build and manage plants that generate clean energy. We also provide highly specialized energy management and downstream services to both energy producers, investors and consumers and use our know-how to manage third-party assets from a technical and administrative perspective. Falck Renewables operates in around 40 countries and employs more than 550 people.

How do you see the future of wind power in your company?

We see the future of wind power in combining economic sustainability with the generation of social and environmental value. Our business model hinges upon our commitment to create shared value both for all our stakeholders, with a particular focus on enabling sustainable opportunities for the territories and the local communities that host our assets; the creation and sharing of long-term economic value is our most important material topic.

Community engagement is the center piece of our sustainable and inclusive business approach. The local community enables the growth of our activities by providing resources and territories. For this reason, we strongly believe in the redistribution of the tangible and intangible value we generate, enabling a sustainable development of the communities that host us and establishing a virtuous circle with all our stakeholders.

What is best when working in wind?

Working in wind means contributing to a cleaner world for our children and participating in the great energy transition journey. Working in the wind sector means being part of a community that works with nature. Working in wind means combining cutting-edge technology with a renewable and everlasting source of energy.


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