Name: Lisa Susanne Hassler

Company: Eurowind Energy

Education: MSc in Economics and Business Administration

What do you do in wind sector?

I am following the graduate program at Eurowind Energy, which means that I rotate through three departments in two years to gain a deep understanding of the renewable energy sector and the company. Currently, I work with the development of Finnish wind projects in our branch in Helsinki.

What’s best in your job?

My job is great because it allows me to challenge myself and learn a lot by introducing me to different roles within renewable energy. Right now, I am really happy that my work has brought me to Finland. What’s not to like about going on excursions to the beautiful forests and countryside here?

The best or most memorable event/story during your career?

The most memorable event has to be the day I was able to climb one of our turbines. Climbing up the ladder yourself really gives you a feeling of how high the towers are in reality. And the view from the top across a wind park and towards the sea is incredible.