Work by Wind series introduces companies working in wind industry

Company name:  innogy SE

Field of business:  Renewables

Year established: 2016

What kind of work wind power provides to your company?

We plan, develop, build and operate wind farms at various sites all over Europe and in new markets like the Nordics, the US or Australia. In Europe we are one of the major operators of onshore  and offshore wind energy. We consider large and small onshore wind projects to support the energy transition and to tackle the climate change.

How do you see the future of wind power generally?

Our aim is to expand renewables worldwide through working with local partners. We believe that working together in this way is the key to making the energy transition a success. As Finland is a perfect market for long-term investments in wind energy, we are exploiting business opportunities and looking for cooperation partners and onshore wind development projects.

What is best when working in wind?

Wind is already the cheapest green technology providing a wide range of possibilities, now increasingly including the possibility of subsidy-free projects.  In a trusted cooperation you can find for every site and requirement the perfect match. In addition there is still much potential in the wind technology.  We are already making electricity generation from renewable sources competitive, and are well on the way to bring the costs further down through research and development activities.